Body Treatments

Day Spa The Body Renewed!
Please choose from The Body Renewed services:

  • The Lavender Sugar Envelopment
    This delectable treatment is a sweet indulgence for extremely dry skin. A lavender scrub is applied using both fresh lavender and essential oil with our signature sugar exfoliant. Once the new skin is uncovered and the pores are opened, you will be wrapped up in lavender body butter for deep hydration of your skin.
  • Dead Sea Black Mud
    This detoxifying experience is ideal for those looking to tone, tighten and firm their skin. Millennium old mud accumulated in the lowest point on earth, is the best of the Dead Sea’s natural resource. Filled with magnesium, strontium, lithium, chlorides, sulphates and bromides, it is the best for pure detoxification of the body and skin. The body is enveloped in thermal wrap to help promote heat. This experience if followed by a smoothing moisturizer to cool down the skin and promote tonicity.
  • Vanilla Coconut Exfoliation
    Step into this very luxurious and soothing body experience that feels like you just stepped into an oasis of serenity. Ground oats, honey and vanilla are just a few of the fresh ingredients that will buff your skin. As the final icing on the cake, so to speak, you will then be treated to a light massage using vanilla coconut body butter! This must-have treatment is highly soothing, moisturizing and warming to the soul!
  • Slimming Thermo Body Blast
    This exclusive treatment has been specifically formulated for slimming purposes for treating unwanted fat. This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by a body mask on the areas to be treated. The body will then be wrapped in a plastic wrap, topped with the heated blanket for extreme comfort. The warming effect reinforces the benefits of the Thermo blast.
  • Refined Back Mask
    This treatment will leave your back feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. A specialized exfoliant which is customized to your skin type and a purifying mask will refine the texture of your back, and clear the skin of all impurities. This treatment is followed by a heavenly back massage with our purifying serum and cream.
  • El Dorado Gold Spa Treatment
    *This service must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. It is exclusively performed by Lisa Borquez.*

    This exclusive Spa Treatment covers guests in 24-Karat Gold Dust, inspired by an Ancient Inauguration Ceremony.

    For the first time ever, luxury-addicts, gold lovers and the power-hungry will get a chance to experience the El Dorado Ritual, exclusively at the Uxbridge Manor Spa.

    The mystical legend of the El Dorado Empire and its ceremony dedicated to the appointment of a new ruler is the inspiration behind the Uxbridge Manor Spa’s newest offering. Legend states that before taking power, the Chief was covered with gold dust at the site of Lake Guatavita in Colombia. Now privileged guests at Uxbridge Manor Spa will be able to experience the El Dorado Ritual.

    The service begins in a private suite, where the guest will bathe in a rose petal-covered soaker tub of milk and honey infused with essential oils, to soften and prepare the skin for a head to toe exfoliation. A blend of 24-karat gold dust, refined brown sugar and natural essential oils are massaged over the guests body.

    A one hour vanilla and honey-butter massage follows, and a lavish spread of caviar and champagne fit for royalty accompanies the entire experience.

    Note: Insurance receipts are NOT available for this package. The exclusive El Dorado Ritual is a treatment that promises cashmere-soft, youthfully radiant skin. Enjoy.