Manicures & Pedicures

Day Spa Hand & Foot Rituals. Please choose from Hand & Foot Rituals services:

  • Deluxe Purple Haze Manicure
    As your hands bathe in a nourishing bath, allow your fingers to play with the smooth river rocks. Your nails and cuticles are trimmed, buffed and shaped to your desired length. You will then be treated to a hand and arm massage with our premium hydrating lotion leaving your hands soft and silky and invigorated. You will be ready to paint the town!
  • Deluxe Marigold Manicure
    Think of the tropical sunset as you receive this treatment. Aromas of sweet orange mingle with golden marigold to invigorate your senses. Your hands will be treated to a traditional manicure complete with a hand and arm massage. You will truly feel uplifted and renewed.
  • Mini Manicure
    For our clients on-the-go, this mini manicure will reshape the nails, trim and file, and clean up the cuticles. Finish with your choice of a fresh coat of polish.
  • Foot On The Go
    Great for tired feet, and people on the go. This wonderful pedicure includes, trimming, filing, cleaning up the cuticles, a light foot massage, and polish. Ideally suited for men, no polish
  • Lavender Blossom Pedicure
    $59.00 - $69.00
    The aromas of lavender are sure to relax you. This treatment starts with a nourishing foot bath and is followed by a traditional pedicure which includes a foot massage with our exclusive foot balm.
  • Marigold Twist Pedicure
    $59.00 - $69.00
    You will first be treated to a milk bath to nourish your tired feet. Aromas of sweet orange and Marigold will awaken your senses. As you sit back and enjoy the foot and leg massage with Marigold body butter, you can take solace in knowing you have done right by your feet, for after all, they have done so much for you!
  • Vanilla Sugar Pedicure
    $59.00 - $69.00
    This unique treatment will nourish your feet and leave them silky smooth. Soak your feet in our warm vanilla milk soak, followed by our unique vanilla sugar scrub, topping it all off with our luxurious foot massage.
  • Mark Anthony Foot Refresher for Men
    Relax and enjoy our lemon and peppermint foot soak, leaving your feet cool and refreshed. Exfoliate your feet with our Peppermint sea salt scrub, while finishing the treatment off with warm paraffin and a deep foot massage.
  • Deep Sea Pedicure
    Relax and enjoy our aquamarine mineral foot soak. We gently file and buff the nail and cuticle area followed by a tea tree exfoliant to promote healthy nails and feet. Your feet and calves will then be massaged to improve circulation. A warm paraffin treatment is then applied and finished with a soothing cooling gel that is sure to leave your feet cool and refreshed and ready to take the next step. Ideally suited for men, no polish