Do I need to get naked for my massage session?


For quite a while as of now, numerous massage therapists and bodyworkers were saying something like, ďUndress to your level of comfort.Ē To be true, even me had fallen into starting the session with this phraseÖ But since then Iíve learned to see it in a whole another light Ė as just way too vague.

Newcomers to the world of massage have no idea what that means. Seriously, Iíve been receiving bodywork for 5 years and Iím not even sure what that means. (My personal ďlevel of comfortĒ as far as clothing goes typically involves a fluffy polar fleece sweatshirt and baggy, softer than soft sweatpants.)

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Based on this, hereís some additional info that may help you decide what you want to wear (or maybe not) during a session:

Firstly, no matter what, itís a rule that either a sheet or a blanket will always be covering your private parts. No professional masseur will ever let client to be left feeling exposed or chilly. As I will be going through the massageís progress, I will only uncover areas I am working on, one at a time, respecting and protecting your privacy at all times. When I work on an arm, I fold the sheet back and tuck it under your arm so itís comfy.

I follow the same pattern for each leg.

So, do you feel like today should be your massage salon relaxation day?

Long story short, as a professional masseur I dig a variety of uber-effective massage techniques that can all be applied over the clothing. Those of you who have seen or met me at sporting events or other public onsite massage gigs are aware of it already!

If for any kind of the reason I feel I canít effectively treat your issue through the clothing which youíre wearing at the moment, Iíll tell you, and weíll figure out another approach.

But is there one garment of all which I will always ask you to remove?

AbsolutelyÖ Thatís your shoes!

Especially if the weather outside has made them muddy or wet. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it may not sound like that to someÖ

So if there are any specific reasonable points you tell me about keeping them on, I donít mind about that.

Again, I can work around.

All in all, hereís one more really important thing!

Please know that regardless of your level of the dress youíre wearing on the massage table, I never care about it and Iím never judging you.

The whole concept of the massage is about you and you only, so itís crucial that you feel comfortable.

For some people, that means leaving some clothing on. For others, it means taking it all off. Your preferences may vary from session to session as well. There is no right or wrong as itís your massage session.

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